An alternative way to upload big files to slow hosting

An alternative way to upload big files to slow hosting

Sometimes, our hosting is not really good enough. There must be some kind of limitation, like how much MBs you can upload, even using FTP could waste times as we all know FTP is pretty slow. 

In this post, I will show you how to upload big files with the help of dropbox and SSH. Please note that the limit of dropbox file size is 2GB (free version), you can upgrade or use different cloud drive services that have direct download option.

Upload your file to Dropbox

Yes, dropbox, not google drive. Dropbox is the one who will save you. If you upload more than 2GB file size, please consider to upgrade your dropbox or find another cloud drive service that support direct download.

Once it is uploaded, share the file and copy the link. 

Click on Create and copy link. Paste your link on a notepad or somewhere safe.

Connect to your SSH

Open your CMD or Terminal, connect to your hosting SSH. 

Ask your hosting support if you don't know how. 

Transfer your file from dropbox to Hosting

Once your SSH is connected. Write this command to your ssh

                   wget your-dropbox-link

Your dropbox link must have a "0" at the end of the url. Change the zero to "1". 

From this 


To this 


Then hit enter. Your file will be transferring from dropbox to hosting. 

Rename your file

Your file would have a strange name like YOURDROPBOXFILE.ZIP?dl=1 

You can rename your file to its original format / extension using this command


This would drop the ?dl=1 at the end of your file. 

Unzip if you need to

Just unzip it


Then you can move the files or directory from youf hosting File Manager.