Dropbox features and get 500MB additional Dropbox space for free!

Dropbox features and get 500MB additional Dropbox space for free!

I believe you are familiar with cloud drive services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Mega. However, there is one particular service that is my way to go to share files and collaboration; Dropbox.

Dropbox is one of the first pioneers in cloud drive service, it saves your drive to the cloud and gives you the most features that one ever asked for.

Here are some of my favorite features that no other cloud drive services have:

Most available app on any platforms

Whatever device you use, you could install a Dropbox app on it. From android to ubuntu, every device and platform is within Dropbox's reach. No need to worry about compatibility anymore.

Easy sync, easy backup

Dropbox could be the most service to backup and sync your most important files. Install your Dropbox and set a folder to auto-sync. Everything you put inside the folder would be automatically synced to Dropbox. No need to upload it manually from a browser anymore!

Collaborate in one place

Create and edit your work with teams—including cloud content and Microsoft Office files—directly in Dropbox, so you spend less time switching between apps or searching for files. Add files to a shared folder and more!

Share your files, direct download

The most prominent feature of a could drive service is its capability to share the file or folder with anyone. Not an exception for Dropbox, with a very handful addition, a direct download. Once the link is entered, it would automatically download without going to open a webpage for the file. To do that, you just have to change the dl-0 to dl=1 at the end of a shared file's link. Tell me how to do that on Google Drive 😉️

File request

Tired of waiting for someone to send a file for you? It is sometimes frustrating when we need important files from someone but they are not eager to share the files with you, classic reasons like the laziness to upload the file to their own account and make a shareable link will soon vanish. With the file request feature, you can share a link to a person and they just have to upload the file from the link you gave, no need to create a new account for the.

Despite of all of those features, Dropbox has its own disadvantage, one of which is the small amount of storage available for free users. Compared with Google drive which gives 15 GB for free users, Dropbox is pale in comparison.

Not anymore, you can get free 500MB of disk space by sharing a referral link with your friend. Once your friend installed a Dropbox app on your desktop and signup for an account, both you and your friend will get an additional 500 MB of storage.

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