How to shorten a long URL, easily share, attracts people and get traffics from it.

How to shorten a long URL, easily share, attracts people and get traffics from it.

There are a lot of URL shortener service available to be used. But sometimes this shortens URL is not appealing enough for people to click on. Here are some tips to get traffic from a URL shortener. 

Choose your URL shortener

The first step would be choosing the right URL shortener service. Each URL shortener has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Most used URL shortener is, you can check the stats of your URL and know how many clicks you get and the data corresponds with it, but other URL shorteners also got this feature. Thus, a shortening url using is no longer considered as special.

The others, like and lets you add your own domain as a short url. You need to buy a domain to get use feature. This feature mostly paid, but you can use custom link on these services.

My personal favorite is, as the domain name suggest, it attracts people to click on the link. It has stats, and you don't need to create an account to use it's service (no data collection). This is the best option if you don't have a spare domain to be used as URL shortener, or you don't want to bother creating an account only to see the stats of your shortened URL.

Use Custom Link

Not all URL shortener has this feature, which you can change the random URL to an easy to memorize and attractive link. Instead of getting random short link like you can get simple link like

List of URL shortener that has custom link feature:


Use your own domain

It would be helpful if you already have a known brand, and you want to share a long URL to your customers. Customizing your domain URL shortener would help your customer click on your link as it's easier to access.

There are a lot of URL shorteners that focus on providing this kind of service, such as,, and Most of them are paid features. But you can host your own URL shortener with YOURLS and Polr.

Why would people even choose a URL shortening service that clearly stated that it's shortening URL?

Share your short link

After creating your short link, make sure to share it anywhere. You can use it on your social media, groups messaging app. This will ensure that people know your short link, and potentially share it too!

Check your statistics

Statistics is a fun thing to do, you will know how much clicks you got and where they came from. Lots URL shortener has this feature, mostly you need to create an account to use this feature.

But some URL shortener give you the option to check your link stats without even logging in. Such as using you can check your stats simply by adding + behind the short link -